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Taekwondo kids are more confident in everything they do!

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When parents walk through our doors, they come in search of something beyond learning kicks, blocks, and punches.  One of the most prevalent topics of discussion when we meet new families is the idea of self confidence.  While it’s easy to blame today’s world and the “screen oriented” way of life for kids these days, parents nationwide have been coming to World Class Tae Kwon Do centers for decades in search of a boost in confidence for their children.  This need is nothing new, but it may be more important than ever.

Luckily, we are here to help!

For kids, confidence and sense of self esteem can impact everything from how they introduce and interact with new people, to they way that they engage and apply themselves to tasks and activities.  It’s amazing how differently a child will act (and interact) when they’re feeling good about themselves, and capable of accepting challenging or unfamiliar situations.

Adults are sometimes surprised to discover that what appeared to be a behavioral issue actually turned out to be a defense mechanism resulting from a low level of comfort and confidence.  Over the years, our instructors have seen many moments like this.  For kids, sometimes it feels easier to get things wrong “on purpose” than to risk actually trying, and actually failing or making mistakes.  One of the principal goals of our program is to begin changing those habits, even from the first time a student walks into our Taekwondo school.

One ingredient to building confidence is actually something that is built into martial arts training and progress.  Most people are familiar with the concept of “White Belt” and “Black Belt”, as those terms have somewhat become common in pop culture as well.  What we like to emphasize is that there is a series of goals, experiences, and triumphs that all occur for years in between the “beginner” and “expert” levels that the White and Black Belts represent.

By striving for, and achieving, goal after goal as a student moves through the various belt levels, a habit of self belief starts to form.  There will always be struggles and challenges, but through perseverance and positive encouragement, students will begin to adopt a “can do” attitude!  It becomes clear, even to children, that if they apply themselves, give their best effort, and seek help when it is needed, they can be capable of so much in their lives.  Kids are exposed to all sorts of goals and challenges in our classes - breaking a board, participating in a sparring match, or testing for the next belt level.  All of those things start out as unfamiliar and uncertain situations at first, and transform into successes and celebrations.

The other major ingredient for building confidence for kids is the way that our instructors teach and interact.  It is far too common in academics, sports, or childcare to see adults leading with fear, punishment, or negative reinforcement.  It’s true, dealing with kids every day isn't easy, but we believe that the opposite approach is not only more fun and enjoyable, it’s also more effective!  Our teachers teach with positivity and respect at all times.  Students are encouraged, rather than intimidated, which makes them so much more willing to believe in themselves and accept new challenges.  Think about it - if kids are exposed to negativity, their mindset will lean toward negative.  If we can do our best to fill them with positivity and self belief, this will become their default mindset too.

Building confidence is one of the cornerstones of our mission here at World Class Tae Kwon Do.  We know that so many families come to our centers for exactly this reason.  It’s no wonder that martial arts is so well known as an incredible confidence booster for kids (and adults too).

We truly believe that our instructors can make a difference!

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