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Top 5 Ways to have a World Class School Year!

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Top 5 Ways to have a World Class School Year!

The Back-to-School season is an exciting, busy, but also potentially stressful time of year for both kids and parents. There are so many things to do, prepare, and stay on top of throughout the school year, and World Class Tae Kwon Do is here to help and be a resource for families in our community!

Here are some of the tips and strategies that parents have found valuable in helping their children kick off the new school year - keeping them fit, focused, and confident:

#1: Positive Mindset

We want to start and end every day with positivity and respect. Just like the Taekwondo school, mutual respect between kids and parents goes a long way in setting the tone for the day. Having a nighttime and morning routine or checklist will ensure that everyone know what must be done to get ready for school. Lastly, coin a phrase to share with children each and every day as they go to school; something like "do your best" or "remember who you are" are great messages to send a child into the day with.

#2: Actively Engage

Families are busy, but we want to ensure that we carve out time for us to talk with one another. Dinner time is the perfect time for everyone to engage with one another and ask about each other's day. It's very important for kids and adults to both share the best and worst parts of their day, so that parents can help child reframe negative experiences and convert their thought process into problem-solving and thinking about things more positively. And remember, it's a two-way street; parents must also actively share the ups and downs of their everyday lives in order to reciprocate that which they are asking their children to share with them.

#3: Encourage Asking for Help

Teaching kids that it is okay to ask for help is very important. We want to emphasize that it is a winning habit, not a losing habit. Topics that can be addressed include academic studies and homework, navigating relationships and friendships, and also dealing with and processing emotions throughout the year as well. Here at World Class Tae Kwon Do, we believe in the philosophy that Together Everyone Achieves More, or TEAM for short.

#4: Monitor Screen Time

We all know how valuable technology can be for learning and education, but we also want to be aware of overdoing it when it comes to entertainment and free time. Making sure that kids don't spend too much time in front of a screen will help their ability to focus on a task or interaction, and will also require them to continue developing their social, interpersonal skills when dealing with other people directly. It is especially important to be extra aware at night. As we know, the blue light that is emitted by screens like tablets, smartphones, and televisions can interrupt circadian rhythms and overall sleep hygiene. Healthy kids need a good night's rest.

#5: Find an Activity

Routines help children stay consistent during the school year. In addition, having a physical fitness activity to provide an energy outlet in a structured environment leads to mental focus and academic performance and success. Martial arts is a great sport for boys and girls to do all year, but Taekwondo's emphasis on discipline, focus, respect, and confidence building (including how to navigate bully / bullying situations) is even more powerful during season, as children transition into their new classroom and grade. We invite you to learn more about our program and join us for a consultation lesson here at our center.

We wish every the best of luck this school year and look forward to all of your success!


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