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  • FIT, FOCUSED & CONFIDENT - Benefits for Tae Kwon Do Students

    Learning Martial Arts can help your child gain valuable listening skills & self discipline Skills translate from Taekwondo to the classroom. As a parent of a child with ADHD, you know the challenges all too well. Paying attention and staying organized are among the biggest. ADHD seems to impact everything––home, school, friendships. Then you wonder––what about the future? You’re not alone in your worries.ADHD affects 11% of children ages 4-17. More and more, parents are finding that Taekwondo is a fun and effective way to help manage ADHD. Taekwondo helps students improve focus, build confidence, and gives them goals to work toward. ....

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  • Taekwondo kids are more confident in everything they do!

    When parents walk through our doors, they come in search of something beyond learning kicks, blocks, and punches. One of the most prevalent topics of discussion when we meet new families is the idea of self confidence. While it’s easy to blame today’s world and the “screen oriented” way of life for kids these days, parents nationwide have been coming to World Class Tae Kwon Do centers for decades in search of a boost in confidence for their children. This need is nothing new, but it may be more important than ever. Luckily, we are here to help! For kids, confidence and sense of self esteem can impact everything from how they introduce and interact with new ....

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  • Lose weight with Tae Kwon Do

    The formula for weight loss is supposed to be simple. Working out plus eating right equals weight loss, right? If you’re like most people, you find yourself putting in an effort to get fit, but quickly returning to a cycle of poor eating and inactivity. It’s time to break the cycle To start achieving your wellness goals, the first thing you need is an engaging way to get and stay active. The key is a workout you look forward to, not one you dread. Once you get into an exercise routine you enjoy, staying motivated is easy. Variety for a workout you’ll stick with. The typical gym can quickly become mundane and unmotivating. In Tae Kwon Do, a variety of workouts will keep ....

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  • Temper problems? Taekwondo is a great solution!

    A Parent’s Challenge Almost every parent has had to deal with the terrible twos (or, even more commonly, the terrible threes), but what happens when those tantrums carry forward through their 4th birthday or even as they begin kindergarten? What happens when intermittent tantrums don’t go away or become more frequent? No parent wants to watch tantrums become personality traits. Patterns become habits – Habits become personality As incredibly difficult and demotivating as these behavior patterns are in preschool years, it’s when your child enters school that these tantrums become even bigger issues. And these problems very often lead to your child being treated ....

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  • Tae Kwon Do for Women’s Self Defense

    Knowing how to defend yourself is like owning a fire extinguisher––you hope you never have to use it, but it’s something you don’t want to be without when you need it. There are numerous benefits to learning Tae Kwon Do, but among the biggest is self-defense. We’ll help you gain the confidence and skills to protect yourself should the situation arise. What you’ll get out of learning self-defense at World Class Tae Kwon DoYou’ll learn how to protect yourself. Acquire the skills needed to defend yourself against an attack including blocking, kicking and striking. You’ll also practice releases from grabs and holds. To defend yourself, ....

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  • Tae Kwon Do Benefits Teen Boys

    It seems like teen boys are spending more time in front of screens and less time engaging in physical activity and socialization. Between the video games they play and the movies they watch, there’s a lot of interest in the martial arts. Those movies and games don’t always accurately depict martial arts, particularly the violent ones. What if they could put that interest to good use and get a lifetime of benefits? With Tae Kwon Do, they can. Real-world benefits start in Tae Kwon Do From school and home to the future, the benefits of Tae Kwon Do will transfer into other areas of life. Improve focus Tae Kwon Do takes immense concentration and mastering moves takes focus. ....

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  • Regain Your Fitness and Flexibility

    Tae Kwon Do is a great way too regain your fitness and flexibility If you are having trouble getting and staying in shape you’re not alone. As we age, our metabolism slows down and our flexibility diminishes. In addition, daily adult life tends to get filled with work and family commitments at the expense of personal time. As result, its not uncommon to be eating meals on the run, spending long periods of time inactive, and feeling frustrated over weight gain, changes in appearance, and loss of energy. However, even though aging is natural, it doesn’t mean the decline in your fitness and physique need to continue. At World Class Tae Kwon Do men in their 40’s, 50’s ....

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  • Tae Kwon Do for active, healthy and happy kids

    We want what’s best for our kids. At the very top of that list is good health. After all, a healthy childhood helps set kids up for a healthier and happier adulthood. And the earlier these good habits are established the better. Overcoming the stats Since the 1970s, the number of children affected by childhood obesity has tripled. Busier lifestyles are making it more difficult to stay active. More time in front of screens and poor eating also contribute. Today, one third of children are considered overweight or obese. Another alarming stat––2 out of 3 overweight 10 year olds grow up to be obese adults. The good news is there’s time to make a change by improving ....

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  • Release Stress and Sharpen Your Focus

    Martial arts is the key to developing greater physical AND mental strength Are you looking for truly a truly beneficial exercise program that nourishes not only your body but also your mind? You’ve may have already decided that the traditional gym scene is not for you. Of course at the other extreme there are pure meditation practices that fail to address the body condition at all. Now more than ever Ideally, an exercise that has that authentic mind-body connection is what most of us need if we are to persevere in today’s world. With jobs requiring us to sit most of the day while giving our full intellectual focus, having an exercise routine that addresses both the mind and ....

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  • Standing Strong: How Martial Arts Training Prepares Children to Respond To Bullying

    Bullying is major issue that can cause many negative consequences for children including anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, changes in eating and sleep patterns, and decreased interest in things he or she used to enjoy. A child that is bullied may lose interest in socializing, struggle with homework and/or classwork, or lash out at other students or teachers. As a parent or guardian, one of the best ways to help your child against bullying is by enrolling them in a martial arts program. World Class Tae Kwon Do can teach your child practical skills that will make a positive impact in all areas of their life. Our trained instructors are prepared to help your child develop physically, ....

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